Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cosplay 3: Viper's Scars

3rd and final tutorial on Viper's makeup! We don't know how Viper got them, other than the fact that she blames people like Captain America for them, but Viper's scars cover the right half of her face and are the reason why she wears her hair the way she does. Until after the Wolverine divorce of course! but that's for another discussion completely!)
I knew that were I to do Madame Hydra I couldn't just gloss over the scars. The scars are a main part of Viper's character, and helped mold her into the kick-ass villain she is today.  I looked up Halloween stores, and special effect make up, and tutorials on the subject. I think the subtle skin-toned scars are most like Viper's which you don't need to buy anything for if you already have concealer, powder, and eye lash glue (I use DUO, but this tutorial would be easier if you had one that applies with a brush.) Isn't this mad-scientist make up stuff crazy? If you have a day to just watch special effect make up with just drug store product it. Mind = blown.
After trials of this tutorial, I strongly recommend shaving any peach fuzz you may have off, because this may feel like waxing the secret hairs off the back of your neck...ouch. This type of makeup can be done on all skin, however, I strongly caution against any joints which will stretch and wear on the glue and make up.
How -to:
Map out the pattern you want ahead of time, then apply even rectangles of the glue where you want your scars. Wait for the glue to become tacky, then carefully and slowly roll one side of the rectangle towards the other side (think rolling a snake out of play-doh.) Leave a little room on the side you are rolling towards so that side stays smooth, then apply a little more of the glue on the rolled "raw" side to either build it up (thick line) or smooth it down to your skin (thin line.) Once that is dry, pat your concealer on, followed by your powder. Now leave it alone! NO picking!

For purposes of time and surprise for WonderCon, I will only be doing one for practice. Here are the step by step pics:
Start with your face clean or with a bb cream like I have on.

It's easier to apply eyelash glue with a brush or q-tip
After the glue becomes tacky start rolling it, slowly and evenly is key. Start to shape it if you want it jagged.

I wanted a jagged thick line for one of the many scars on Viper's face so I squeezed on a thick line of glue and waited forever for it to dry.

After a touch of concealer and powder it looks pretty good.

 My version of Viper will be at WonderCon Saturday March 30th! See you there!
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