Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stranger! Also Wondercon 2014 Update (Winter Soldier Rule 63 Cosplay update)

I haven't posted in a while and here are some of my excuses:

  • I am a Maid of Honor (or my version "Best Woman") in a completely DIY wedding yeah...everything is being designed and made here at nerd land. (If you guys want a little sample of those projects I just might make a post for it.)
  • One of the dogs decided to have diabeetus.
  • Someone in the family was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and is still in all the testing phase.
  • $$$$$ Cosplay projects take mula! ETC.
I do apologize as I haven't even been on here to say that I'd be in the shadows for a while, and I wasn't 100% sure I'd even get to go to Wondercon this year for those reasons above. BUT, I am PUSHING to go at least one day, because like many of you this is my free time, my fun time, my favorite place outside of DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of you follow my instagram (nerdrendezvous) or facebook page and know that I have been working on a special new cosplay from materials I had laying around. For a few months I had delusions of grandeur that I could sew this magical looking arm for Bucky (SPOILER for those of you who don't read the comics, or watch the movies...) who is Winter Soldier. Funny story, you can't just fall asleep and wake up with magical sewing powers. So the project got scrapped until I saw the movie a few times and decided to rack my brain and figure out how to do it. The rest of the costume is done, so two weeks would be plenty of time to do one lousy arm right? I'm sometimes better under a time line anyways.No...that's a lie. I become desperate and sleep deprived and the end results are usually crap. I'm going for it anyways! WOOHOO! Here are the photo's from my facebook/instagram if you do not see them:

beginnings of the lower arm
Miscellaneous pieces of the costume

OH! If you do follow my facebook, you'll know I started what I could for Abbey Bominable cosplay, and was thinking of doing a few Monster High inspired make up looks for here. The first of which, of course, was Abbey nails!
I wanted a sparkly snowflake effect, but if you stop @ step 2 they look like Cinderella nails! And of course true yeti nails would be a little more oval shaped, but mine weren't long enough!

Here is the border for Abbey's dress, cable knit crocheted, by me!
So, if you are going to Wondercon, I hope to say hi! I hope to be on here a little more often once a few things calm down a little!