Monday, February 4, 2013

Redecorating Comic Style (Part 1)

I have made a serious effort to kick out a whole mess of projects before WonderCon (don't forget to get your tickets!) Sadly I get side-tracked by bigger projects, like a certain closet organizer that has been getting in my way for two years. It needed to get fixed/redesigned pronto. Realizing I wouldn't get my list of projects for here done this weekend, I decided to make it a comic-themed redesign.

Mission: Fix that *^%*^%*%  ^%$%%$# thing in my closet
It looked like this:
It also had this funky door covering half of it which has been broken forever,  I decided to just scrap the door.
This &%$^%$%&#%$ was supposed to take about one day. It took three, and still needs some touch ups and a coat of sealant, but I ran out of down time. I ran into several problems, was beat up by it, and even though it looks awesome now, I still am surly towards the whole affair.
The problems were based on the fact that this wasn't real wood. It was a cheap pressed board with a laminate covering deal. I would not recommend trying to do this to fake wood %^$#$#$#$ things. It would have been done in one day had it been real wood. The paint beads up on the fake stuff, even after sanding it down really well. In fact, even after sanding it down and using a plastic primer, it still beaded. Also, you want to be clever, use more than one color, and have straight edges, right? Why not use some painters tape? HA! You'd try to remove the tape and lift everything, including the primer, off the sanded surface. I managed to sand/prime/paint my way to a mockery of a finish line and came up with this design:

I wanted a comic strip effect with the white outlining the black
Mod Podge came in to save the day and didn't challenge me at all. One bit. No siree Bob. I will keep lying to myself so this project doesn't push me into the insanity pile. On the plus side it actually fits in with my room's theme now, and is a mighty fine shoe display as well. I may eventually try to fit some lights on it. Or maybe I will just leave it alone so as not to ruin it.
I can see a touch up on the white that needs to be done and it is driving me crazy!!!!!!!

Upcoming projects: Viper Part 3, Car Accessory Revamp, Redecorating Comic Style Part 2 (the madness!!!!) Hair candy -both steam and comic, a comic belt, Steampunk Bat Signal, and flat shoes ;) Stay tuned! See me At WonderCon: WonderCon Website Meet up at the Facebook Rendezvous Point: Nerd Rendezvous

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