Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Steampunk Wedding DIY

Hey steam heads! I'm taking a momentary break from all of the comic related crafts in my life to bring you a curious wedding indeed. I think instead of making a tutorial for each little thing on here I will present you all with the pictures, and if there is an interest for any particular project I will totally tell you how they were made.
Let's start with the when/where/why/who and maybe at a later date how...
When: The year was 2011
Who/Where/Why: Two friends who were graciously given the right to be in love/get married even though they lived in different countries, it was a nerd smack down between Canada and the USA! They met online, oh yes...the glory of online gaming bringing people together. I wanted to bring whatever amount of help I could to the wedding process (being a florist and whatnot) but I knew they were not boring wedding people. I knew this had to be nerdtastic and fun like the couple....I can recall the first thing out of my friends mouth when it came to their interests, "steampunk." Bless you.'s a thing. A really awesome and amazing blend of sci-fi/Victorian/magnificence. I fell in love with it immediately. I had already loved Tesla's work, the Victorian age, and reading sci-fi, this was simply the next step. I wish I could've had a ridiculous budget for their wedding, because there could have been so many more projects and wonders for them. Since this was my wedding gift to the both of them it definitely had to stay in my budget. These projects will last forever, (like their love for each other D'awww) are not as expensive as hiring a florist, and a wonderful way to stay classy while incorporating a nerd theme into your wedding!

 The first thing I knew I wanted to do was a robot cake topper, my fingers where itchy, my mind was buzzing, It was 6 months before the wedding (haha.) And I knew I wanted tails, tentacle skirts, and monocles!

Such splendid derrieres!
 And though it would be almost a full six months before I figured out how to make a wedding cake, I knew it had to be similarly themed, behold cake layer 1:
There is a metallic food spray you can use to make this look like metal!

 I have already shown you how to make the paper/coffee filter roses of which I am so fond, in case you missed it, find it here: Steampunk Rose I used those, as well as spray painted versions of those, to be the focus/main flowers of the arrangements and bouquet.

There are hints of cogs, springs, compasses, clocks, coils, and other baubles hidden throughout the bouquet, as well as a wire wrapped handle to look hard-core machinist, this also makes the handle uber-comfortable.

The mothers of the bride and groom wore corsages of the corset variety, what's that you say? well:

The roses can be set into a wire coil and glued into place to make the stems more steamy, like to one in the pic above.

The boutonnieres were a little more tricky. No flowers, just metal, clocks, compasses, chains, and lots of super glue.

Ok Thistle. I wanted to incorporate it thanks to my own heritage, besides the groom's should be extra special.

The glue wasn't dry yet!

Well I seem to be lacking photos of the day itself, but I can assure you it was the best wedding I had been to, especially when they showed everyone the actual server they met on. That is love. Maybe one day I will be lucky like them. If I find more pictures I will certainly post them! Ciao!

OH WAITAMINUTE! I almost forgot...I am definitely going to do Viper AND Spoiler at WonderCon Saturday and Sunday see me at the SuperHeroStuff booth (I will post the location when they put it up!) So..I hope to see you there 29-31st Anaheim Convention Center! WonderCon!!!!!!!!!! CIAO!!!!!!!!!!

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