Saturday, December 7, 2013


Hey guys, It's been a while. <insert excuse which is really just a cover up for being a busy adult with many important things to do>
I'm about to get real people. I'm not sure how a confessional starts because I don't believe in that business....but I did want to confess a realization I stumbled upon while getting out the ol' animation series to watch this evening.
You know how once boys and girls get to the "crushing" stage they have minor or serious crushes on other people in their schools, or even actors/actresses they watch, etc? I didn't.
After a conversation with a close friend I stopped to think about my schooling. I was not interested in a single person there.
My first crush was Batman ( should've guessed that by now) followed closely by Goliath (yep...the Gargoyle) Girls will talk of Prince Charming or Prince Philip... I chose Beast. Now I'm not talking that pansy, feminine blonde prince guy he was. I'm talking hulking were-monster. I was devastated when he got turned back in the end of the movie. I won't even watch it anymore.
I would look around at the people at school and they were NOT interesting to me. How was I supposed to crush on the local boys when they were not my cup of tea?
 I was way past 18 when I honest to god had a crush on a person. Don't get me wrong, I had had relationships, but I had them because I was trying to do what was considered "normal". Dating for dating's sake. Nothing wrong with that people...I'm just saying I realized it is not for me. I was bored. SO BORED. They'd blather on about things I had zero interest in, take time away from my true loves, and I stayed for no reason other than I thought I was supposed to. Once those relationships ended I was relieved. Happy. I'd make that mistake over and over until I put my foot down some time later. (Which I really want to erase ALL of those relationships because I really didn't learn anything except that I may have been a masochistic moron.) I do not miss being that ignorant.
Anyways, good night ya'll I will try to get some posts up this month.