Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cosplay at WonderCon 2013 Update

I have been super frantic this weekend trying to finish as many projects as I possibly can for WonderCon...I figured I'd post a little tid bit to keep you guys in the loop!
By now you've heard me go on and on a thousand times about my characters for WonderCon this year, Viper (Madame Hydra) & Spoiler. I haven't posted much on the costumes and figured I'd start. Time to get hyped for all the wonderful cosplayers at the convention this year!!!!
On Saturday March 30th I am planning on being Viper and heading on over to a photo op with the people at  Quest Web Series and also San Diego Cosplay. You can see Batgirl, Gambit, and Nightwing, as well as little ol' me. Sunday I will be doing Spoiler. You can assuredly find me over at Superhero Stuff all three days, Friday I will not be in a character costume, but you can come take a picture with me in your awesome costumes! I'd love to feature the costumes on the blog!
Now let's get to the goodies:
Reminder these are all works in progress at various stages from the last few weeks...

Spoiler's cape and body suit.

For Spoiler's mask I decided to go balls to the walls and cut my morphmask and sew on white circles. If you use black thread, you could actually leave it at that stage.

I added white fabric paint to shape the eyes.
Working on Viper & Spoiler's thigh holsters all at one time!

Viper Base
Spoiler Belt...yes I am making a face! See, I have expressions!
If you will be at Wondercon message my facebook or here, if not, I will be adding plenty of photos to the facebook: Nerd Rendezvous for now...I have a lot of projects to finish! Taaa!

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