Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dog T-Shirts and Upcoming Projects

I am kicking holiday butt, finished my shopping, and am down to waiting for my wrapping paper to arrive from Amazon so I can start my comic character wrapping tutorial. Also, I am getting my nails ready to do my most often requested Comic inspired nails tutorial. Here are some pictures, I apologize for the schmutz all over my fingers, these are old photos:
Left to right: Hulk, Ant-Man, T'challa, Aquaman, Cap

Iron Man & War Machine

Left to right: Michelle Pfieffer Catwoman, bat, wolverine, Gambit, Wonder Woman

Anywho, This tutorial is for those of you who have pets. We all know that there is a very limited selection of super hero merchandise for dogs, except for these over at my friends at SuperHeroStuff who happen to have a good array of pet stuff. However, I have two very large dogs. There aren't many dog clothes that fit my wolf mix, even the XL sizes tend to be just a hint too small. He loves shirts, I think something about them encompassing him comforts him as he was abused in his former "home." I wish I could get a picture of him and his comic shirt collection for you, but he happens to be scared of the camera, so we'll just use my GSD for this tutorial. If I couldn't find dog apparel in his size, I was going to learn how to make them from my old shirt collection, and it turned out to be SUPER easy. This isn't complex, there is no sewing involved, and the only things you need are a tape measure, shirt, and scissors.

First select a shirt that is the right width for your dog, my GSD is a small shepherd so this is an Adult Men's Small (B A and Murdock are my favorite characters, but I can never find A-Team merchandise...this was found at SHS's website!!! They have the biggest collection I've seen.)

Next, cut around the collar to take it off. Once you cut a cotton shirt, you can pull/stretch it which will cause  the edge to curl up so it won't  unravel.

Measure your dog from the breast bone to the top of their belly. For make dogs you may want to make it a little  less  so they have extra room for  wizzling. My German is 13"

Next you'll want to flip the shirt so the side that will be down is facing you, and measure...HEY the little dog I dog sit is hijacking my tutorial.

It took me 15 minutes to get the shirt back from him. And that was with bribery, toll paying, and pets.

From the collar measure how long you need the chest side, and cut that side straight off at the length you need.

Now flip your shirt over. Starting from where you left off the chest side, cut the side that is on their back into a giant U shape.

Dont forget to stretch and pull the edges so they curl instead of unraveling.

B A German Shepherd. If the sleeves are too uncomfortable for your dog, take off the shirt and cut them off a little past the seams on the shoulder side. This will create a muscle shirt look and be a little more roomy for your pet!

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