Sunday, December 9, 2012

Comic Wrap Update

Happy Holidays to my Geek brethren

You remember Batgirl from last posting? Well here are a few you can see some of them require absolutely no artistic skill. I'm gearing up for next weekend when I will actually do the decor inside the house. That will be mostly Victorian/steampunk inspired so stick around if you're interested. Also coming up...and early holiday gift to myself: Marvel Cookie Cutters as well at the Spidey Comic cover version. I will be designing a couple others to join the four characters included in the set for my annual Game Day. I will, of course, do a tutorial! Here's a little preview.

I also may try doing a giant Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath over the garage... we will see if that is a reasonable project in the small amount of free time I have this season.
Two other tutorials on the horizon are an octopus necklace/steam earcuff tutorial, as well as a "how to" on my popular scales eyeshadow.
OOO! Speaking of scales, my Viper (Madame Hydra) costume has been put on delay and I have decided to perfect my Steam Zatanna outfit to redo some classic Zatanna comic covers. If you guys have requests let me know. This is only if I can borrow some of my photographer friends on the weekends. Considering WonderCon isn't for a couple months, I'm going stir crazy.
Until next time comrades...

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