Monday, December 3, 2012

Custom Comic Wrapping Paper for Gifts!

Hey ya'll!
This has to be my second favorite blog post...the first being what I'm wrapping (Madame S's custom Batgirl heels. That tutorial can be found here: Comic Heels) It is a really easy, thoughtful way to a: incorporate the theme of your gift, personalizing it for their favorite character, b: gives a little hint as to the gift itself and c: for this particular type of gift a custom shoe box that will hopefully have a special pedestal in her closet forever after ;)

The only thing this sucker is missing is a cape...brb
Batgirl Shoes, with their sticks to keep their shape, wrapped in tissue.

All you need is colored gift wrap/paper/foam in the theme of your choosing. Batgirl #3 Stephanie Brown (Bryan Miller's batgirl) has Purple Black and Yellow on her costume so I took Glossy black paper, Matte purple paper, and bright yellow craft foam for the belt and bat symbol.
You will also need scissors, tape, black marker, and hot glue.
Oh! I almost will of course need the gift itself...Mine came in a box, if yours doesn't have a box...get one, it will make your life SO much easier to wrap a square object. If you don't have a spare box lying around fear not! I will post photos of gift bags done in the same design.

First Batgirl #3's utility belt is really distinctive, it has those dome-like circles in the center and the rest of the belt is filled with pouches! I took a piece of craft foam, sketched out the design and chipped away at it (cut) until it was the right length to surround 3/4 of the shoe box.

Print out a bat symbol or freehand draw one onto the same yellow craft foam and cut it out as well.

Now that the hardest part is done, get your wrapping paper. I wanted to showcase all of Batgirl so I did the top of the box in black and the bottom in purple..turns out...I love it.

Glue the bat symbol towards the top of the box, and position the belt slightly above the bottom. I wanted her to be able to open the box without ruining the wrapping aka tearing the crap out of it to open the sucker, so in order to accomplish that I hot glued the circle on the belt to the middle of the box, and took two rectangles of yellow cardstock, tape or glue them to turn them into slots to slide the belt into (see picture below.)
In case the type on the pic is too small it reads: Taped the cardstock to the box to create  slots to slide the ends of the belt in to.

TADAAAAAA!!! The best damn wrapping paper EVVVAAARRRR!!!!

To a great gal, I hope you la-la-la-la-la-love them!

Bryan Miller's Batgirl

Ok as are some bag pictures...I think I will continue this craziness for all my presents and take a group photo if you will when I finish <3 I hope you guys enjoy this, if you have any questions, comments, or would like some ideas on how to do a certain character leave me a comment below. Thanks for reading!
The whole collection:

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