Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Never Stop Learning

I love to learn. My brain craves education. As part of my trying to make myself happy schtick, I took up a circus fitness class in January, I started reading and reading and reading, and most recently I started to learn to crochet, not because I felt crocheting would make me happy, or even something I considered doing before, but because I have no clue what it entails, and it's hands-on.
I thought, "This will be a piece of cake." I am always good at picking things up. Especially crafty things. And after I learn it (in what I figured would be an hour) I will be able to make really awesome crafty things for myself, family, and friends.

Day 1: I threw my laughable project at my desk after ten attempts/fails at starting a beanie with a magic ring in a puerile hissy fit. I pick it up twice more and fail both times.

Day 2: I managed to start the first two rows successfully, and did 6 rows with a TON of mistakes.

Day 3: I had to pull three rows out because I realized I did it wrong. Three rows that had taken me two hours to complete. Did I mind? No. Normally I'd be throwing a sh*t fit because I couldn't do something, but I stopped and realized I was understanding how the single/double crochets work, why those rows wouldn't work and how I wanted it to look. Do the first three rows have mistakes? Yes. Do I mind? No. Normally mistakes have me cringing. Two things: One, I realized I'd be covering most of them with the faux-hawk I am attaching, and two, I'm not good at this yet, changing those mistakes would be like forgetting the fact that I was learning. I still don't really understand it all, and only understand how to make circles and hats, and how to make those hats loose or tight right now, but I just learned the building blocks, and you know where that will lead.

So...why am I sharing this with you? I hope that you don't give up on something. Anything. Pick something. Learn it. Add it to your skill box. You may learn something about yourself or change in the process. It's satisfying. And may find it's not actually something you want to do after all, or something you just aren't good at no matter the effort you put in *cough circus fitness cough* but that's okay. You can't be good at everything, which is what I learned from circus fitness. So I don't really want to dislocate my legs and arms to be good at something. I still took away some really cool aerial moves and awesome stretches. Go forth, push your comfort zone, and learn.

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