Thursday, May 9, 2013

Comic or Steampunk Inspired Gift for Girly Girls

Hey you, yes probably waited until the last minute or forgot about Mother's Day, didn'tcha? Yeah yeah...blah blah blah excuses, excuses. You don't want to get her the boring standard of flowers or want to make her cry on how thoughtful you are, and how much time you must've put into this (even though it really doesn't take that much time), right? Of course I am right. And because I am who I am, why don't we theme the gift too? And since you probably have other occasions where you need to have a quick thoughtful gift for a can alter this in anyway to fit your needs.

Now...back to my original thinking for mama. She protests the thought of one of her children spending money on her, even though we say the same yet receive presents from her all the time. I knew she had been super interested in my DIY projects, and had previously asked me to redo a pair of her orthopedic shoes with comics, which was not exactly easy. I wanted to do something I hadn't done before so she couldn't expect it, and I can't leave well enough alone. I decided to make her a "Spa Day in a Basket." But being me, and not being able to leave well enough alone I decided to theme the crap out of said SDiaB.
The first thing you want to address is what all needs to be put in a basket. Try and include everything you can think of that would make the spa feel more authentic. I figured on sugar scrubs, lotion, soft fluffy towels, candles, etc. You can absolutely stop there...if you are not me.

Since I'm me and you're still reading this, you want to tackle how to add in a theme. She LOVES Aquaman. I don't. Not only don't I like him as a character, I don't really like his color theme, especially for a spa basket...who wants orange, yellow, and green all over their bathroom? I do like tridents and underwater/mermaid themes, but I have been down that road before. Lucky me, she also likes Stephanie Brown, and I can make it feel comic themed just by  printing out my own labels to put on the spa stuff, getting a popping effect from the colors you choose, or you can completely ditch the comic idea and go for the strategic move of steampunk themed...I've already shown you how to make the steampunk roses which would add a beautiful touch to the basket (you could spray a little rose scented perfume on them too!)
You can add some fancy towel folding like I did by going here for an easy tutorial. If I didn't make custom cupcake wrappers it would've taken less than 5 minutes. LESS THAN 5 MINUTE MOTHER'S DAY GIFT IDEA FOLKS!!!!!

So...Batgirl: Black, Purple, and Yellow. I added white to make everything pop. Also before I show you these pictures. Yes I know SNIKT is Wolverine's sound. It happens to be my favorite sound blurb so I put it in the basket.

Everything Inside:

Candle, Hand Towel, 2 Wash Cloth Cupcakes, Lotion, Soap, Shea Sock cupcake, Loofa, Back Scrubber, Skin Noms Chocolate Sugar Scrub, and the purple box is a Spa Hair Towel. 3 action sound sticks.

What is Skin Noms? Delicious natural scrubs that smell like your favorite treats, and leave your skin amazingly soft, not to mention smelling great. Find them here: Skin Noms

What are wash cloth/shea sock cupcakes? Rolled towels or socks wrapped in a cupcake wrapper. Mine just happen to have on a bat belts. Printed out on card stock and taped on.

I layered everything in so the cupcakes would stand out, and then shoved in the little sticks with the action blurbs on them.

What else can I do? What else can I make special? Flowers. The old stand by. So you get your mom flowers every year....but will she expect you to go above and beyond and create a custom arrangement just for her?

I ran out of yellow flowers, so my notes to you: always buy extra! I really hope you're lucky enough to have a mother you love and loves you more than the world. Remember to treat her extra special, not just on Mother's day but every time you think of her.

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