Monday, April 1, 2013

WonderCon 2013 Cosplay Adventures

Hey everyone! Wow, was Wondercon super excellent or what? I can't even begin to describe everything I saw, every awesome person I met, it was a whirlwind. So for now I'm just going to post these pictures some are from the SuperHeroStuff booth, some are from my phone, I was so busy I forgot to snap pictures most of the time. Also...I know Spoiler has a thigh holster, mine apparently fell out of my suitcase on the way :'(

Made super awesome friends

Wonderful Power Girl

Had fun while working!

Surprised by my bestie!

Viper eyes

This girl's Wasp costume was SO amazing! She was super awesome! I hope she finds me via here or facebook!!!!

These two are just....AWESOME... Power Girl and Hal Jordan/Clark Kent(glasses)
So....I am very tired, but I will write up a post about everything Wondercon when I get the chance!

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