Monday, March 18, 2013

Excited for WonderCon 2013

Is anyone else excited that there is less thank two weeks until we are all in our loverly comic environment extraordinaire? In case you can't tell by my Facebook page or the last few posts I am definitely excited. I get to see old friends, make new friends, see some awesome art work, potentially find out about TAH's new graphic novel (series maybe???) and of course dress up. I only hope the sewing machine gets fixed before next Thursday so I can finish the Spoiler gloves in time.
WonderCon finally put up their full schedule, which is extremely important if you're like me and like to plan the beejeezus out of your days, as well as their exhibitor list/map which can be found here: WC Exhibitor Map I was having a bit of trouble viewing it on their reader so I just downloaded the pdf file and had no problems.
Superhero Stuff will be over on the left in booth 1225 across from the autographs, right under Nintendo, and will be where I am for most of the days, but I totally plan on venturing out for comic mayhem after my shifts!
I have finished Spoiler except the gloves, and Viper is finished (except the make up and hair!)
I will be taking full Spoiler costume pics this weekend to post here and also Viper costume pics (without the scar makeup). Somehow I will also fit in going to the races. This week pits brother against sister in an epic VRA Sport Compact showdown, and I just can't miss it! Go Team Mira # 09! Hopefully this time your battery won't die after someone hits you :(

I have been working on some new hair baubles which will be making their debut on my head @ Wondercon on Friday 29th, and mapping out a plan for the R2D2 flats as promised. Also on the agenda figuring out the right way to convert the ooooold set light into a bat signal. My brain's a buzzin'.

I'd love to see you all at WC so head on over to my FB page and let me know where you'll be :) Nerd Rendezvous
And remember: The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay... The Shadow knows!

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