Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Project Line Up, What I Am Reading, & Sum Up of Wondercon All-In-One Special Issue!!!!

 Whew! I have been a busy, busy girl the last few weeks. I want to start off with my experience at Wondercon:
AMAZING! The trip started off really shaky. I left early Friday morning, giving myself plenty of time to navigate what should only be an hour forty-five minute trip (which ended up being almost two and a half hours, thank you traffic...) I barely got to the con in time to start my shift at SuperHeroStuff's booth, say hi to my friends who work there and get my new staff shirt (yippeeeee!) and run into those tiny restroom stalls to change into it. At the random plopping noise I turn around and see my brand new Deadpool fascinator floating in the toilet :( In. The. Toilet. I thought it was going to be a bad day, but it turns out all got turned around once I got into volunteering mode and made new friends.We were sent on an exhibitor run to hand out their coupons and met a ton of very cool people. Very cool meaning, holy crap look at all of this wonderfulness everywhere around me. These are great feels. Around four I changed into Spoiler, and instantly made several notes on how to fix the costume so it looks better for the next time. My thigh belt got lost somewhere between the car and the hotel room, which was foreshadowing for the next day, when as Viper, my thigh holster snapped off.
Hands down, cosplay is THE coolest experience. Kids are happy, people who know your lesser known character are happy, other cosplayers have a great time posing with you, everyone gets into this gigantic happiness energy ball....FANTASTIC. Now if only I could convince most of my friends to pick characters and do it with me! junk I got while at the con....coolest thing? Memories. Second coolest thing? Darkwing Duck The Duck Knight Returns graphic novel signed, drawn in and signed again by its artist and creators. A ton of t-shirts and other things from our booth which all of you can find here: SuperHeroStuff if you weren't lucky enough to be there in person, and Deadpool/Spider-Man comics I needed.
I highly recommend finding and going to all cons in your area and cosplaying if possible. Even if you can't afford to go inside, there are usually tons of events (photo shoots and photo ops) outside the main event.

Now onto what I am reading currently: Darkwing Duck (duh), Gotham by Gaslight and Deadpool Team-Ups, followed by Avengers Classic. It should be against the law to love Deadpool so much, really.

I have a ton of projects I need to be working on for here, and I added a few because of the Wondercon thigh holsters breaking/being lost fiascoes.
40's set light will be cleaned up and turned into a Bat Signal decor pice
Tricky part is the bat symbol, still working on it.

I've been working on this X-Men piece forever and the only panels that are done are the Beast panel and the Sabre tooth panel.
A myriad of symbolic tattoos like this skull compass, a steampunk scale, a seahorse and a wolf/bat one.

A lighted wall art piece of my fav Marvel comic art.

Green Arrow (New 52) cosplay
 Also on my list: Flat shoes, belts and head bands, as well as my  custom TTop covers. Stay tuned...

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