Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Resolutions 2013

As the new year starts, how many of you make resolutions? I don't normally, this year I made a few! 1. To get in better shape, which I am doing through a new circus fitness program (yes circus, no, not the Flying Graysons,) 2. To try new things when it comes to Nerd Rendezvous, branch out a little, maybe an Etsy shop, we'll see. Also, check it out, I made a new Facebook page so it is easier to communicate with you all: Nerd Rendezvous on Facebook!!!! And finally,  I want to spend more time with friends, which I did not get to do very often in 2012.
The greatest thing about my  friends is that we can go without seeing each other for a while, but get us together...and it's like amazing awesomeness with a side of ridiculously fun-tastic-ness. Which is why I want to be around them more often...they lift me up! Everyone needs those types of people in their life.
It is hard to work around everyone's schedules, hell, it's hard to find time to sneeze around the holidays. But I have seen a few ideas around the interwebs that I want to get everyone together for...because....you know me....I can't resist themes. I could have a craft day for my craftsters, (which I would totally share here because that's what I do.) I could also have another Game Day which was really awesome and fun. Eat like kids....and play games all day. It would look something like this:
These were my contributions for a friend's Bday game day
Just in case you've never heard of this game from a long....long time ago:
Play it.
And you could even theme your treats:
Some cupcakes hit with batarangs!

Marvel cookies!

Birthday cake for a friend (which was the reason for Game Day)
Regardless, get together with your friends. Be nerdy....be happy.

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