Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cosplay Time 2

Madame Hydra or Viper lips. How does she get that green/black quality? Venom and toxin! We will NOT be using those in our portrayal of Viper! We WILL be using a super cool technique that you will love for future cosplay! All you will need is a sharpened black pencil eyeliner (preferably kohl,) black lipstick, flat black eyeshadow, and a metallic green eyeshadow.

I used the lime green (purple arrow) which is in the ELF $10 palette
They look black but shine green which is hard to capture with my camera! Fear not...I will post the complete Viper look from Wonder Con!!!!

You can choose to use the same fishnet scales technique from the Viper #1 tutorial if you want green scaled lips, you'd need a spare bit of fishnet.
I highly recommend using a lip scrub or exfoliating your lips and moisturizing them at least once  a week, it makes them softer and fuller and provides a better canvas for any lipstick look, this one being no exception. And I use these: Skin Noms they are 100% natural sugar scrubs that come in sinfully delicious chocolate chip, snickerdoodle...even chocolate orange! Also..why not support small businesses? They leave your lips soft and deliciously ripe for this tutorial.
Take whatever foundation or concealer you use and pat it over your lips so you start out with a nice blank canvas. It will also make sure the lips last longer.
Apologies for the darkness.

 I know...this is a scary look! Don't worry it gets scarier!
Line your lips with the eyeliner pencil. then take a flat liner brush and pat on the black eye shadow over the liner, this ensures that no feathering or crazy bleeding lines will occur later on.
Notice it's semi thick? I lined my lips in a thin line then with the liner brush and eye shadow, pulled it in towards my mouth to fade it in.

 Now fill in your lips with black lipstick. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect quite yet, the next step will smooth out and fix any spots or smudges.

 If you want the scaled look lay the fishnets over your lips, and pat on green eye shadow. If you just want the green sheen over black, pat the green eye shadow directly on the black lipstick.

 Use the black pencil to touch up any areas that may have been smudged, or a concealer pencil to touch up your skin, and voila! Pucker up ladies, your lips are now dangerous weapons of doom. Next on the Viper list: facial scars using eyelash glue. See you next time. Hail Hydra!

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