Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cosplay Time!

The con season is approaching quickly, with WonderCon around the next corner! This year I will be cosplaying as Madame Hydra (Viper.) In case you don't know this Hydra/Serpent Squad femme fatale you can check her out here: Viper She is my super cool villain of the year! What is cosplay? Just think Costume play. Cosplaying as someone who isn't right out there in everyone's face is rather difficult. You can't just go out and buy a costume, you get to either make it yourself, or find something close at a dance warehouse or department store. I found all of Viper's green accessories at Amazon, and her bodysuit at River's Edge Dance Wear. Now for the fun part! Viper's Makeup! This tutorial will be the first of three installments, broken down into eyes, lips, and finally, scars. I wanted to put a little of a snake-like charm onto the eyes, because generally Viper is seen with green eyeshadow and a cat-eye look. So here is my take on Viper:
Scales are super easy!
To achieve this look you just need and old pair of fishnet stockings, eyelid primer, green and black eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner and mascara! For cons of course, you can always add false eyelashes, which I will be doing for the complete look in March.

You can use any eye shadow, although I have found that the higher end ones last a little longer, you want to use a color that is going to stand out for comics, go big or go home! Here is a collection of colors for any character you choose, the big palette of colors was 5$ on sale at E.L.F. I recommend this if you don't plan on using the color more than one time! If you want something that will last longer without wearing, and plan on using it more than may want to try a higher end eyeshadow like Urban Decay, Make Up Forever, Too Faced, or MAC. The one I used in the photo above was Urban Decay.
Don't worry! You don't need all of this to get the look! I just wanted to show you you can use anything you've got.


Urban Decay
You want to start with your eye primed, and eye brow already on like this:
Smear green eye shadow on your eyelid just to the crease. If you are using cream shadow be sure to pat powder eye shadow on top! It will make it last longer and prevent creasing. Now to get the scales. You can do this all over, or just on a portion of your eye for a subtle look. I got lots of comments on this at Comikaze last year, and I only did the tiny part under the eyebrow, so I went for it again! Cut a square of the fish nets off to use. Take some hair clips and clip one side of the fish net in your hair. I know it sounds confusing but bare with me, there will be a picture below! Take an eyeshadow applicator, or brush and pat black eye shadow onto it, make sure to tap it so none falls off onto the surrounding area (disastrous if you have to start from scratch.) Pull the fishnet down and hold it tight so it doesn't slide around on the area you want the scales, pat the eye shadow straight up and down on it, do not smear the eyeshadow across the fishnet!

Yes! That is a Hydra shirt. Found it at this wonderful place: SuperheroStuff
Too Dark? Use a metallic color instead.

Now to finish your eye, apply your liquid liner in a cat-eye shape. If you don't know how, here is a wonderful tutorial: HollywoodNoir YouTube
Apply mascara and or false eyelashes and boom! Hail Hydra!
Stay tuned for Viper's luscious venomous lips. I will show you how to get black lips that shine green!
Also, the full look will not be seen until WonderCon! I hope to see you there, if not I will take oodles of pictures and have a whole post on the con! Don't forget to like me on facebook for more photos and upcoming projects: Nerd Rendezvous Get Cosplaying!

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