Monday, November 3, 2014

Custom Disney Ears (DIY Style)

A while back I had an inspired idea to make some mickey mouse ears in the style of characters my friends and I loved for when we eventually can get our group butt to Disneyland.
I had no clue what I was getting in to, because other than a headband I didn't know how to do anything remotely close to mickey ears.
I had an excess of ribbon spools from a bridal shower I had worked on, so I thought "excellent" in that creepy voice and forged on using those as the supports for my ears.
My Little Mermaid ears with a Flounder inspired bow!

What you will need:

Hot glue
Craft foam
Empty ribbon spools
Anything you want to decorate with (Ribbon, Paint, Glitter, Etc.)

How I did it:

 I traced the two circles plus a strap in between (the width will depend on how wide your headband is, I needed about an inch-inch and a half) so I could secure each ribbon spool to the headband. You'll need one of these for each ear, so make two while you have both ribbon spools to trace around.

Detail for a Rocket Raccoon inspired set.
I highly recommend adding your designs (and letting them dry) before you attach your ears to the band. Same goes for anything you may want to put on the headband, just be sure to leave the sections bare for the ears!
 Next step is to glue all the pieces together one side to the ribbon spool, wrap the other under the band to secure/glue it to the back of the ribbon spool as in the pictures below.

So here was a slightly more complicated set of my favorite fur ball Rocket. For the fur I just brushed yarn until fuzzy, and hot glued it on. Then I trimmed it into the right shape.

After glue, needs a trim
 Alternatively, you could most certainly use plushie raccoon ears, because that would be 100 times easier and probably look more "raccoon" like.
Rocket Raccoon ears all trimmed up WITH A TAIL!
 Tail....I just used a yarn tail tutorial straight from pinterest. Basically its a braid of yarn (I braided mine around a wire to be able to shape it) and then tied on strands of yarn. A lot of yarn, a lot of brushing, a lot of straightening.

Side detail
 And there you have it...Disney ears for any character!

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