Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hey everyone (or anyone who still randomly reads internet posts from a while back). 

So many life changes have happened over this last year it's been very hard to keep up a perky blog post. That was until I realized something very important: I hadn't stopped crafting, I hadn't stopped cosplaying, taking photos, I was learning how to do many new projects and techniques. You see when I am upset, depressed, frustrated...I turn to crafts of some kind. I guess it's my mind's own way of working through whatever it is I am going through, and if I started this blog for tutorials and crafts, then by god, tutorials and crafts should happen on it, and maybe show others how to do something, or even just inspire them to make things, instead of just wallowing in my own frustrations.

I thought starting this blog a while back was a great idea to help me through what I knew would be a hard year, and instead it just frustrated me that I couldn't seem to work up the nerve to write for weeks at a time. I felt guilty, "I should be doing this, I should be going over that, I should be working on something else."

For most of my life, from my first memory forth, I didn't know what was outside my house's walls. I believe I may have written a post about this before, that I didn't even know what conventions were until a few years ago. I was crafty, normal art type crafty that is. I thought I had to give that up a few times, first based on some rotten family members telling me I should stop frivolous endeavors and concentrate on lucrative subjects in college. I worked up the courage to pick a pencil back up a few years later and had lost all of what I could do with it. I was forced  (or thought I was forced) to put the pencil back down soon after as my nerve damage limited the amount of detail work I could do without shaking and ruining a piece. Then I discovered so many forms of crafting. SO MANY!!!! I even discovered different techniques of sketching and painting which allowed for my aching hands without completely destroying the piece. (Big shout out to the internet for teaching me all this.)

I still ruin a lot of projects I am working on, because I haven't quite learned to quit while I am ahead and put the rest away for the next day. My head is still willing to work, my hands on the other...hand....But I don't stop. I don't give up on art altogether for months or years at a time anymore, which has been very beneficial to my brain.
So, here I am again, and even though I can't go to Comikaze this weekend (BECAUSE KEVIN CONROY, and other amazeballs people will be there) I'm planning for Wondercon. And if you are going to comikaze, please run over to my instapal "Alexandria_theGeek" and get a picture with her in one of her amazing cosplays, on Halloween she'll have candy for trick-or-treators.

I have a few tutorials I am tidying up, as well as a few outlined for future projects. There will still be a delay/drag time in between posts. I am still in the process of renovating a house, but that just means I get to nerd theme an entire building and have more post material once it is done.

Enjoy Comikaze/the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

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