Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New 52 Green Arrow Cosplay / Chay-Ara Hol Hawkgirl Weekend Success

After a very exhausting weekend, I have pictures for ya'll. Also, you can find me on instagram @ nerdrendezvous and on facebook: Nerd Rendezvous because I tend to post a zillion progress pictures over on those, including my Chay-Ara Hol Hawkgirl wing build which is a very SLOW process that is testing my patience. It's totally worth it because they look amazing so far. I hope they are done by C4 in September or Comikaze in November, I'll be able to go as multiple characters! Weeeeeeee!
Now for the meat and potatoes....my previous post was how to build armor using foam, and build away I did. 2 legs and 2 arms are now complete and are a nice glossy green!

BOOM! That just happened. I attached them by gluing velcro straps on, and sizing them to GA's arms/legs.
We made a pattern for the hooded vest base, cut it out of the green canvas material, sewed it all together, and as of right now it just needs the embellishments added on.
The quiver (I will absolutely make a quick tutorial right after this) and some arrows are now done.
This photo via @ chambernaut's Instagram feed:
the quiver in the first few issue of New 52 is more of a back pack type...thing so here is a view of that:

Now onto MY favorite part: Chay-Ara Hol: WINGS!!!!!!!!
As you can see this is a very slow (one feather at a time) process. After they are all glued on there, I will shape them, and texture them, paint them, and then attach a harness of some sort...I haven't thought that part out yet, and I'd be ecstatic if one of you guys had some ideas, or have done this before and could give me some advice!!!!! <3


  1. What did you use to make the GA quiver? How was it assembled??

  2. I used cardboard, duct tape, fabric, and strips of craft foam, as well as elastic to make the backpack straps. I am going to put on a tutorial as soon as I find my photos. Basically you take five pieces of cardboard (front, back, two sides, and bottom)and duct tape them together, if you want extra support (which I did) duct tape over the whole thing. Add 1/4 to each side of the card board pieces to get your fabric pieces (the 1/4 around is for the seam). Sew it, slide it onto your cardboard, measure out your straps, tack them into place and heavy duty sew them to the back, and since I didn't know how to finish it at the top (frayed fabric is just...no...) I hot glue it and covered it with the bright green foam strips!