Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gotham/Batgirl Inspired Bathroom Ongoing Project

Hey everyone....I know, where have I been? It's called life and too many times it gets in the way of what I really want to be doing. The other day I was in my bathroom cleaning and realized my shower curtain looks like a Gotham City skyline, and I got happy. Then I looked around at all the mis-matched pieces, peeling wallpaper, and Legend clock. Don't get me wrong, I love my Legend clock where two unicorns are silhouetted against a sunset,  "They express only love and laughter, dark thoughts are not known to them." But...it's red and orange. I'm going for purple and black with the accents of yellow! I had the idea to have novelty soaps i.e. these great ones from Luxury Lane Doap (Nerd section!) (who I love because they have a Young Frankenstein  Abby Normal soap, a Decepticon soap, Marvel soaps....need I go on?!?!), but you could go to any etsy seller, or artfire store such as these: Mel's Fun Suds, or the talented Tub Time, or Sky Rain Soap, among millions of other soap shops.
I also want to make my own curtains, and above bath fabric piece...thing to have bat signals and/or other comic details. It's not going to be completely in your face or lame/childish, but enough to please me.
I'm sorry for the small tiddly update...but seriously I am busy as a beaver, and also considering an Etsy or Artfire store myself.
I promise to do a Chay-Ara Hol cosplay tutorial soon, so stay tuned ya'll! Also, vsit me on facebook! I'm there much more frequently than here! Nerd Rendezvous
PS Get your tickets for C4 and Comikaze now...they're going fast!

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