Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crocheted Octopus Hair Bauble

Are you a mermaid? Do you often look at the ocean or go to aquariums in hope of seeing an eight-legged wonder? Do you wonder how you could adorn yourself with such a lovely creature?
If you answered yes to any of those questions...or just really like octopi keep reading!
As you may know I have gotten into crochet projects. Don't worry, I'm not switching from nerd projects to just a really very simple crochet blog. I did however want to include this particular project on the blog, as there have been several inquiries as to where I obtained such a fashion accessory.
 What exactly is "it"? Well, as the explanation is rather long, I will just provide you a picture.
You may think...OH MY GOD, THERE IS AN OCTOPUS FUSED TO HER HEAD! I assure you this is the case. His name is Count de Bubbles. I wanted a unique fascinator to go with one of my steampunk corsets, and had recently finished a truly awesome project ( I can't share it here until after someone receives it as their birthday gift) and thought, hey, there must be a way I can make a stuffed octopus using the same principles I had just learned to make aforementioned secret awesome birthday gift. Thanks to a quick foray on google...I learned there's called Amigurumi. and boy is it a clever way to make a awesome gift (and cheap). The only problem is you have to be good at crochet. Which I am it involved cussing out the wazoo, mistakes, and several attempts to make a pattern for you guys, as the only octopi I could find were round (and we all know octopi are not round balls.) So.....get ready for my first crochet pattern:

Round 1: 6 sc in a magic ring (6)
Round 2: 2 sc in each stitch (12)
Round 3: 1 sc in first stitch, 2 sc in 2nd stitch, repeat around to beginning (18)
Round 4: 1 sc in first 2 stitches, 2 sc in 3rd stitch, repeat around to beginning (24)
Round 5: 1 sc in first 3 stitches, 2 sc in 4th stitch, repeat around to beginning (30)
Round 6: 1 sc in first 4 stitches, 2 sc in 5th stitch, repeat around to beginning (36)
Rounds 7-12: sc in every stitch (36)
Round 11: 1 sc in first 4 stitches, decrease in 5th stitch, repeat around to beginning (30)
Round 12: 1 sc in first 3 stitches, decrease in 4th stitch, repeat around to beginning (24)
Round 13: 1 sc in first 2 stitches, decrease in 3rd stitch, repeat around to beginning (18)
Round 14: Sc in first 9 stitches, chain 1 and turn your work
Round 15: Sc 29 stitches (yes you will be going over the 9 stitches you just made), chain 1 turn your work
Round 16  (FINAL STEP!!!!): Sc 9 stitches, slip stitch/tie off (WOOOO!!!!)
Stuff it with cotton, or old pillow fill. Do NOT sew the end together, you will see why later.

NOTE: this is for a little bit smaller octopus than seen in the above picture....I had delusions of grandeur..but for a better hold and better size-to-head ratio I shrunk it down a little.

Stuff it then shape it, I like the side that will lay against my head to be semi flat like a lounging octopus.

Tentacles (Each chain makes 2 so make 4)
Chain 40
In the second chain from hook, 3 sc's.
3 sc's in every stitch back to the end of chain.
Tie off, fold in half.

Alternate Tentacle: bi-colored method (Each chain makes 2 so make 4)
Use 2 colors of yarn at one time side by side. Chain 31
In second chain from hook, 2 sc's in every stitch back to the end of chain. Tie off. Fold in half.

Hair Attachment Piece
Round 1: 6 1/2 dc's into magic ring (6)
Round 2: 2 1/2 dc's in each stitch (12)
Round 3: 1/2 dc's into every other stitch (18)
Round 4: sc all the way around. Tie off.

The side facing the picture is the side you will clip to your head. Glue the tentacles to the opposite side.

One of the tentacles folded in half

You have a stuffed octopus body, tentacles, and an attachment piece. tuck in all the loose pieces of yarn. Now you need a hot glue gun. I'm sure if you really wanted to sew it could...but after hours of just want the dang thing to be assembled and done, thus, hot glue gun. I laid out the tentacles how I wanted them to look on top of the attachment piece and lightly glued them (you don't need gobs of hot glue, just enough to hold it in place) down. next i made sure the body was stuffed into the shape of an octopus...not a round ball, and glued it on top of the tentacles/attachment piece.
Slide your hair comb or clip through the bottom, and voila! If you want it even more secure, bobby pin it around the bottom, and each tentacle how you'd like it to lay.
You can decorate it...put on eyes using buttons or cogs, give him or her a monocle, wings...a smilie face...anything to make it more you!

The completed Green one and almost finished lavender one:

Of course...if you've been reading the facebook page: Nerd Rendezvous you have seen a few mini updates through the last two weeks. I hope to finish a few projects this weekend to have something new for you guys soon. Fingers crossed the Titus (Nova Vol. 5) eye goes smoothly. Also...I am hoping to take pictures in all of my character outfits soon!
I'm seeing Man of Steel tomorrow, and am super excited. Maybe I will start getting organized this weekend and draw up some outlines for here so I can post more consistently! Also...Get your tickets for C4 and Comikaze now...they will sell out just as fast as Wonder Con!

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