Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Realizations/Star of Batman / Batgirl Bathroom Begins!

Howdy ya'll. I know I have been really quite as of late. I am a bit of an introvert. Shocking, right? I love to cosplay, it pushes me to the limits of my human interaction quotas, in fact it was at my first convention that I broke out of my shell and learned to "be cool" and calm in a crowd.
As Nerd Rendezvous will be changing around some to include other topics, like gaming and other fun goodies, I'd like to start writing more, not just photos and tutorials. I decided to begin posting on a few of my favorite things :D
Let's start with my earliest memory of comic-related things, shall we?

I was a teeny tiny tot of no more than 3 at the time, and Gerard Christopher was in a little show called, "The Adventures of Superboy." I grew up in a house where the kids were not allowed to change the channels or choose the channels, however that little half an hour show was right during an hour that no one else had claimed the tube. I am told I would run in five minutes ahead of the show, regardless of daylight savings or broken clocks, it was just an internal knowledge that Superboy was saving the world again. We didn't have chairs in the "TV room" so I would always sit directly in front of the dinosaur box and nearly go cross-eyed each time.
I didn't get excited about much as a kid, I didn't act like other children my age in preschool and was always informed by my teachers that I was the most disciplined child in their class. Justice, and a sense of right vs. wrong made me so happy, I'd hold my breath the entire scene, waiting for those commercials to breathe again. I'd pull my hair and freak out EVERY time the crooks, villains, and miscellaneous bad dudes got the best of Clark. My mother thought it so cute she wrote in to the show and scored me autographed photos of the stars. She also tried one of those, "guess what...superman brought a present for you" wool over the eyes trick that parents are wont to do. It worked for a day or so. The present? A pair of boys pj's that looked like the Superman costume, complete with flowy cape. I lie. The cape wasn't flowy. it was however, full of static electricity ALL the time. Which brings me to an important point. There were next to NO things for girls who liked comics back then. You bought boys t-shirts, pj's, shoes, etc. Unless you wanted to get stuck with princess Ariel everything.

Skip ahead a few years, I didn't get to continue watching Superboy. I stopped getting comic inspired clothes, and did not have the option of getting actual comics. I did happen upon a little series called Batman: The Animated Series a little while later, perhaps you've heard of it? (You should have heard of it....if you haven't re-evaluate your life.) I fell head over heels for Batman. I never saw anything like him. A bright beam of hope for me, that a human could be SO much. Do SO much. Save SO much. Have such a strong sense of justice...just like me...only I was little. I still didn't have the ability to get comics. I was scared around regular people. I got to see the live-action Batman movies, and that was a BIG deal for me. I was given a Batman vs. Joker collection and that was even bigger.

I LOVED Darkwing Duck and Goliath from Gargoyles, I would only watch shows with a sense of righting wrongs and criminal justice, now that I think about it. I never got to see all the episodes from my favorite shows, but now as an adult I think it's absolutely wonderful that we can get the dvds and a: fall in love all over again (Goliath, I'm talking about you, you big lug) and b: see those episodes we missed.

I only just found Justice League and JLU near the beginning of this year when I got a netflix. Holy cow. If only I hand known about these/it was possible for me to see them back then....eh, c'est la vie.

Now I am old enough, and able to go and do things related to what I love. And even though I can be a hermit sometimes, I promise to try to work out a schedule for writing here. Side Note: I started work on my Batman/Batgirl themed bathroom. I was going to wait until I pulled up the floor, and took down the one wall of wallpaper. I then saw about how long it'd be before that occurred so I took the liberty of starting to do what I can, like this re-purposed comic towel holder! Tomorrow I am getting the fabric for my above the shower/window curtains. Stay tuned for that and the changes here. Also...I post more frequently on our Nerd Rendezvous' page.

See what I mean about the wallpaper? UGH!

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