Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chay-Ara Hol Hawkgirl Cosplay Update 2 (Mace Tutorial)

Well...Chay-Ara is proving much more difficult that I originally thought. The way I decided to do the wings....I don't even want to get started on explaining it right now, but I promise I will, and I will refer you to an easier wing tutorial!
Here's what I've done so far:

Styrofoam ball, meet dowel, dowel, meet styrofoam ball.

Take a piece of card stock, roll it into a cone and glue it together with hot glue.

Probably a better visual for that step. Fill the cone tip with hot glue to make it sturdy, let it dry.

Glue those B******* in place.

VERY IMPORTANT: Cover the styrofoam in plaster putty/drywall repair paste. Otherwise when you try to paint it, your styrofoam will melt.

Paint that sucker, and add detail with dry brush!
Chay-Ara's top, yes I know..."it's different than the cartoon AND the comics" Well...I'm claiming artists privilege here. I love Ancient Egypt, and I wanted to look like a mummy! Yes...I know it's a crude dummy/helmet stand...but hey..I work with what I have.
My Stargate gauntlet...errr...Chay-Ara Hol gauntlet is coming along very nicely. I had to find the proper sized gems!

Scarab detail. It may be "Stargate" but it fits quite nicely into my Egyptian Chay-Ara Hol, quite nicely indeed.
PS! Don't forget about the Central Coast Comic Con, I will be BLACK CANARY on Saturday the 7th!!!! I will be a surprise on Sunday (That just means I haven't decided between HYDRA, Spoiler, and Zatanna)

As far as Chay-Ara Hol goes, I ran out of white shirts to rip up and soak in tea to make the skirt so I must get back to it soon!